30th November - 2nd December 2018

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Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2018 is organized by Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak and Larut Matang Hash House Harriers and Harriets. It will be held between 30th November – 02nd December 2018 at Spritzer Eco Park, Taiping, Perak, West Malaysia.

The 1st edition will take runners through 15/ 36/ 70KM of pristine trails around Taiping, with elevation gain of 1000m, 2000m and 4000m (+)(-) respectively. The race will give every runner a chance of a lifetime to experience different trails around the iconic Maxwell Hill.

The 15KM Freshman Run is catered for the beginners. The 36KM race will replicate “THE BALL BREAKER RUN” which needs no introduction to hashers around the globe. The 70KM race will be an ultra challenge taking runners through 4 different routes going up and down Maxwell Hill.

The 15KM, 36KM and 70KM race have been certified by ITRA and are now qualifying races for UTMB with ITRA 1 point, ITRA 2 points and ITRA 4 points respectively.

Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2018 have been included into Malaysia Ultra League (MUL) 2018 season and have been accorded the “2019 Asia Trail Master Candidate Race” status.

To incorporate the hashing culture into the event, every runner will be feasted to a food and music afterparty. This is to bring the trail running community together albeit hashers, non-hashers, beginners, ultra and non-ultra trail runners.

In giving back to the society, 20% of the profits from the race will be donated to 2 charity organizations to be announced on a later date. Besides that, part of the registration fees (RM5) will also be allocated to Bukit Larut/ Maxwell Hill Management for maintaining and upgrading our Bukit Larut/ Maxwell Hill.





90% Trail, 10% Road (24-32°C)

Flag-off – 7am, 1st Dec 18
Cut-off Time – 6 hours


85% Trail, 15% Road (10-32°C)

Flag-off – 5am, 1st Dec 18
Cut-off Time – 14 hours


80% Trail, 20% Road (10-32°C)

Flag-off – 9pm, 30th Nov 18
Cut-off Time – 24 hours


The time for your family & non-running friends to celebrate with all runners.

Prize Giving & Event-after Party starts 7:00pm (01/12/18) – 1:00am (02/12/18)

Food will be served at 7:00pm on 01/12/18 during Event After Party.


DATE: 30th Nov 2018 (Fri)
TIME: 10:00am – 7:30pm
VENUE: Spritzer Eco Park, Taiping, Perak

Documents required for REPC

  • Confirmation slip (Note: We encourage a paperless environment. Hence, a confirmation slip displayed through mobile/smartphone at the REPC counter will suffice.)
  • Photocopy of National Registration Identity Card (Malaysian) or Passport together with confirmation slip must be produced during REPC.
  • Please note that race entry packs will not be issued on event day unless the organizer are informed in advance. This is to ensure that there is no disruption to the preparation of the race.
  • Kindly note that the registered participant is required to collect his/ her own Race Entry Pack. You are not allowed to collect Race Entry Pack on behalf of other runners.
  • For 15KM & 36KM runners who miss the above time slot, kindly collect your racekit 3 hours before your respective start time. The single counter will be open for 90 mins, starting at 2am 01/12/2018 for 36KM, and 4am 01/12/2018 for 15KM. Do take note that we will not extend beyond these times and we will not be held accountable for bottleneck, or if you fail to go through the racekit collection process resulting in you being given a DNS status. Hence, please try collect your racekit by 30/11/2018 to prevent this.
  • An exclusive wrist band will be given to all runners and EAPT holders during racekit collection. You are required to wear the wrist band at all times throughout the event.
  • Runners who registered but cannot start the race owing to issues that are unavoidable, but would like to have their runner’s entitlements can collect their entitlements personally or via a friend. If the latter option is used, kindly attach a copy of your IC and a personal written note to the organizer with the name and IC no of the person who will be collecting on your behalf. Please proceed to the Help Desk at REPC. (DO TAKE NOTE THAT NO MANDATORY KIT CHECK IS NECESSARY AND NO BIB WILL BE ISSUED IN THIS CASE).
  • Last minute Transfers and Change of Categories can still be made between 10am-5pm 30/11/2018 at Spritzer EcoPark. Please proceed to the helpdesk upon arrival at REPC. We will not entertain anymore request after this.
  • INDEMNITY AND RELEASE FORM – Please print and bring a copy of the Indemnity and Release Form during collection, failure of which you will be charged RM2.00 per copy for printing charges. You can download the forms below.


  • Gloves are mandatory for category 36KM & 70KM. We have place many ropes along the way to help you up or down. Hence, glove is now an important item for your own safety.
  • Bowl and Spoon will now be recommended items. Please take note that we have “Bring Your Own Cup & Bowl Policy” at all CP and should you have no cup or bowl, no hot meals (Vegetable Soup/Porridge – CP Angkasa) will be served to you.
  • Rain coat is not a waterproof or windproof jacket. However rain coat can be used to carry along as a recommended item.
  • Energy Gels/ Bars (Energy Food Source) – There is no minimum requirement attached to this mandatory item. However every runner should present them during mandatory kit check.
  • Headlamp is not a mandatory item for 15km, as we have changed our start time to 7am 01/12/2018.
  • For 36KM runners, the extra batteries is no longer a mandatory item owing to the fact that you will only be running in the dark for 2 hours as the start time is now changed to 5.00am 01/12/2018.

Recommended Items: –

  • Bowl & Spoon
  • Raincoat
  • Anti-chafing cream / Vaseline
  • Spare socks
  • Sunblock / Sunscreen

*Basic First Aid Kit – for treating minor wounds and injuries. Should contain some antiseptic swipes, gauze and compression / self-adhesive bandage.


  • The only bag deposit area is located at START/FINISH.
  • The counter will open at 07.00PM on 30/11/2018.
  • Please collect all bags deposited by 10.00PM on 01/12/2018.
  • All bags must be clearly tagged with runner’s name and bib no.


  • Shuttle buses are meant for RUNNERS only. For those with cars and with supporters and family members who are not runners and non-Event After Party Ticket holder, we would advise you to arrange your own transport.
  • The shuttle buses will go on 3 rounds each hour and will accommodate 100-120 runners each round. Hence, kindly plan your time ahead owing to expected human traffic.
  • Taxis are also available at all official hotels (Hotel Novotel, Hotel Panorama and Hotel Perdana) and at Spritzer EcoPark throughout the event date and each way will cost RM12-20 per taxi per way, depending on time.
  • Shuttle buses will operate at timings as follows:-
    • 30th November 2018 – 4pm-10pm
    • 1st December 2018 – 3am-7am; 1pm-3pm; 6pm-8pm and 12pm-2am


  • DO NOT PARK at the main road heading towards Spritzer EcoPark.
  • Please follow security guards instructions when directed into the parking area.
  • Please lock your cars and avoid leaving any valuables in the car.


  • It has been raining almost daily for last 1.5-2 months and we expect similar weather conditions over the race weekend.


  • Please do not take anything along the race course if it does not belong to you.
  • Anyone who vandalize or consume any fruits (other than those provided by the organizer) without the consent of its owner will be subjected to prosecution.
  • Please be at the runners holding area 45 mins before the start of your race.
  • Please practice proper etiquette in the trails. If you are over taking give a shout out (runners on left or right). Do not litter. Do not conduct yourself in anyway which will endanger yourselves and those around you.
  • Follow the instruction of the organizers staff at all time.


Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival will be held in Taiping Town which sits on a coastal plain at the foothills of the Bintang Range. Taiping is located about 48km northwest of Ipoh, the capital of Perak.

Taiping also receives some limelight for being the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia. The average rainfall is about 4000mm in Taiping while the peninsula’s average is 2000mm-2,500mm. It’s unusual rainfall has also led to a fertile collection of flora and century-old rain trees in the Taiping Lake Garden.

The first edition of the race will take runners through the pristine trail around Taiping with elevation gain of up to 4,000m.

One can get into Taiping by travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh or Penang Airport and thereafter commute by train or bus to Taiping Town.

maxwell hill

Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill as it is known is a hill resort located in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. Founded in 1884, it is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia. It is approximately 1440m above sea level. Bukit Larut receives the highest rainfall in Malaysia because it is located in the wettest part of the country.

Maxwell Hill was named after William George Maxwell, who was the British Assistant Resident in Perak.

Bukit Larut retains a colonial atmosphere with its quaint bungalows and English gardens. Access is available only by (government owned) resort authority’s Land Rovers (private vehicles are not allowed without a permit) although people are free to walk up the hill as many do for exercise (reaching the peak can take up to 3–5 hours). The journey, 13 kilometres from the base to the top of Bukit Larut using Land Rovers take around 30 minutes. Unlike more developed hill resorts in Malaysia, Bukit Larut has remained pretty much as it was years ago, hence its low impact on tourism. Up on the peak, the cool weather is a welcome to many visitors who are mostly nature lovers and birdwatchers. The appeal of the resort lies in its untouched beauty, embellished with flowers, birds and tree ferns. It is situated in a national forest where the abundant wildlife is protected.

Temperature at Maxwell Hill is between 15 and 25 °C and can drop to 10 °C at night.

The race will take runners through 6 different trails (5 of which are normally not open to the public) up to 1440m, 1150m and 1000m respectively. On any clear day, one would be able to catch a glimpse of Penang Island from the peak and also a beautiful view of Taiping from 300m onwards.


Spritzer Eco Park, a place surrounded by nature and lush forest to protect the source of our country largest mineral water manufacturer.






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