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Welcome to Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival



Whether you are a novice, experienced or competitive runner, a good pair of shoe will certainly spell success or failure at MMTF or any trail races or trail related adventures.

BAREFOOT AND SANDALS ARE PROHIBITED AT MMTF. Flaunt this mandatory rule and you will be DISQUALIFIED outright and will not be allowed to start/ will be pull out of the course.

Our advice is that you use a trail-specific running shoe with an outsole to match. This is due to the followings:-

(a) Some parts of the course have soft soil.
(b) Some parts of the course are slippery.
(c) Some parts of the course are rocky.
(d) Some parts of the course are full of roots.
(e) Good trail running shoes will keep your feet dry, increase comfortability and help prevent blisters
(f) Trail running shoes will certainly provide you with the performance and safety your “road only” shoes cannot.

A good trail-specific running shoe will provide you with the stability, traction and protection that you would need.


The Registration is officially close. There are 1750 runners from 25 countries who will toe to the starting line in 2019.

To those who are interested to register, kindly email us at mmtfconsultant@gmail.com with your name and preferred distance and we will be in contact with you should there be a change of runners status to your advantage.

If you intend to transfer your slot to anyone, kindly email info@checkpointspot.asia and cc mmtfconsultant@gmail.com with your complete details and the details of the person you intend to transfer your slot to.


The route inspection by our RD was completed over last weekend. The organizing team will proceed to mark the trails and continue the process of preparing the trails till race day. The back office and design team will start generating the course and elevation profile for the respective distances to be shared with everyone in our October’s update whilst the GPX file will be shared in our November’s update. This is due to the fact that we will be re-submitting the final course profiling to ITRA/ Trace De Trails before we will share them out. This is due to the slight increase in elevation gain of 200-300m for every category owing to development of an area close to the pre-world war railway tunnel.


There will be a course simulation exercise for 25KM on 10th August 2019 and 50KM on 17th August 2019. Those who are interested, kindly email us at mmtfconsultant@gmail.com. There is only 10 slots available on 1st come 1st serve basis.


How have your training been? Or Have you even started?

If you have invested lots of time on your feet the last few weeks on flat grassland, its time to develop the flexibility and stability of your feet (ankles especially) and to strengthen your core especially your lower back.

A grass land with lots of slopes or trees will help. Start running up and down those slopes and you may also want to run zig-zagging along a stretch of trees. Go slow for a start and watch those roots protruding out of the ground. Continue to invest your time on your feet here.

You may also start doing some core strengthening exercise apart from the running bit. Head to the gym. You may check in youtube the various exercise that you can do to help you strengthen your core. Again start conservatively. You don’t need to be a hero carrying weights heavier than your own body weight. The secret here is high repetition. So instead of carrying 100KG x 5 reps for example, carry 30KG and do 20 x 5 reps.

Always remember, CONSISTENCY is the key.

Happy Trails
Team TNF Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival 2019

17th July 2019