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Elevate Your Adventures with Suunto Wing: The Ultimate Bone Conduction Sports Headphones
We revel in the harmony of nature during our adventures, but sometimes, a touch of music makes the experience even more magical. Introducing the Suunto Wing, a revolutionary blend of open-ear technology and advanced features, designed to enhance your outdoor escapades. These bone conduction sports headphones provide superior sound quality without compromising your situational awareness, making them the ideal companion for any adventure.

Open-Ear Technology for Seamless Awareness
The Suunto Wing employs cutting-edge open-ear technology, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music while staying attuned to your surroundings. Unlike traditional in-ear headphones, the Suunto Wing rests on your jawbone, leaving your ear canal open. This innovative design ensures you remain aware of natural sounds and traffic, enhancing both safety and immersion during your activities.

Enhanced Visibility with LED Lights
Safety is paramount when exploring in dim conditions. The Suunto Wing features red LED lights on both sides of the head, making you more visible on trails or roads. Choose from various light modes or turn them on/off using the Suunto app. These vibrant lights enhance your safety without detracting from your performance.

Hands-Free Control with Head Movement Technology
For those moments when your hands are occupied, Suunto Wing introduces Head Movement Control. This intuitive feature allows you to skip songs or answer calls simply by shaking or nodding your head. No need to fumble with buttons—stay focused on your adventure while maintaining full control over your audio experience.

Built for Extreme Conditions
The Suunto Wing is designed to withstand the harshest environments. From blazing heat to freezing cold, and from dusty trails to post-adventure showers, these headphones are built to endure. Enjoy your favorite tunes in any condition, knowing your Suunto Wing can handle it all.

Impressive Battery Life for Extended Adventures
With up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Suunto Wing is perfect for day-long activities. For those extended adventures, the included portable powerbank adds an extra 20 hours of playtime. And if you need a quick boost, a 10-minute recharge provides 3 hours of audio, ensuring you’re never without your music.

Seamless Connectivity with Suunto App
Maximize the potential of your Suunto Wing with the Suunto app. Connect your headphones to the app on your phone to customize your sound settings and manage LED light modes with a simple tap. The app offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to adjust settings and optimize your listening experience.

The Suunto Wing bone conduction sports headphones are more than just a way to listen to music— they’re an essential part of your adventure toolkit. Combining innovative open-ear technology, enhanced visibility features, intuitive hands-free control, and robust durability, the Suunto Wing ensures you stay connected to both your music and your surroundings. Embrace every moment of your adventure with Suunto Wing, where exceptional audio meets ultimate awareness.


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