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Welcome to Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival



Dear Runners,

Hope that this finds you all in the pink of health.

As many of you are aware, we are some 32 days away from race day. I personally hope that each and everyone of you will come well prepared.

The team will be providing you with a vast playground which we have created from scratch since 2015 (and it’s an on going process for the future), but whether you will have a good race weekend 35 days from now will largely be dependent on the effort and training you have and will be investing on. In short this will not be the easiest race that you would have done to date.

I personally feel a sense of responsibility to share this note out to inform each and everyone of you a major change with regards to our official apparel supplier.

A decision was made in late September 2019 to terminate our relationship with the country’s brand owner for Compressport. To protect the integrity of both parties, we will not disclose what actually transpires.

Owing to the above, we have appointed 2ndSkin International as our official apparel supplier for 2019. 2ndSkin International has agreed to match the sizing chart which we have shared in our registration portal and coming from textile industry background (my main work out of running or race organization), I would like to personally assure each and everyone of you that we now have the best material to work with.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any distress or inconvenience caused as a result of the above, and I would take any blame for this change which I deemed is necessary to protect MMTF’s subsistence.

The reason why I did not disclose this earlier in September or October is owed to the fact that I do not want this issue to take our mind out of the more important things in preparing for the race, most notably the release of the course and elevation profile.

There should be no more changes from here as the team has started executing for the race proper, unless mother nature decides otherwise during the race weekend.

We will be releasing more information with regards to the race weekend especially the event schedules, the expo, the food, the sponsors, the lucky draws and certainly the runners to watch this year from now until race day.

Thank you for your kind understanding and again my sincere apologies to each and everyone of you.


Happy Trails

Ewegene Tan

12th November 2019